‘Altered States’


Cat Miller 

Found book 35*45*8cm

(Block E first floor, GaleriE 106)


Cat Miller 



Ever since I was a child I have always been creative. I love art, design, fashion and textiles, dance, music, film, photography, digital technology, and I love combining them.

After high school I went to the Bournemouth University of the Arts to study a HND in Graphic Design and Illustration. After that I went to London where I attended a foundation course at the Camberwell College of the Arts to ‘free myself up’. I started in fine art but also loved fashion and textiles and so I found it difficult to specialize. Unfortunately, I was unable to finish my undergraduate degree at that time due to a road traffic accident and later I diverged into event organizing, which I continued to do whilst in Australia, where I was able to incorporate all of the art genres that interested me and promote environmental awareness at the same time.

Upon returning to London I was very inspired by the emerging digital technologies of the times and the potential for a new creative medium. I embarked upon I.T. training and I became an IT contractor, both in London and Australia. Living in Australia was a great experience however, the 911 incident in the USA caused a temporary slump in the I.T. market and as a result I decided to head back to London and think about completing my undergraduate degree.

After graduating with an undergraduate degree in fine art I became interested in publishing and the book as a fine art object in its own right. I am also interested in the book as a method of communicating deep and meaningful truths about the shared human experience. The heart shape represents love for self and others, symbolic of the internal emotions spaces within. Art is a language that can communicate directly with the subconscious and therefore has the potential to be very powerful.

p.s. for more information about Cat’s works, please access to https://catcatalyst.co.uk .