Cat Miller, Helen Ji HyoungGong, Lawrence Blackman, Marton Nemes


Chelsea College of Art

23th- 24th May, 2018  10am- 8:30pm

Private view: Wednesday  23th May  6pm- 9pm

Curator:  Ileana Tu, Jie Qiu


“I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas, I am frightened of the old ones.”

                                          ——John Cage


Abnormal exhibition is an exhibition experiment which places across Chelsea campus, to mock the space booking sensory in the art school, also pointing at the context of everything is holding the possibility to become an art piece in an art school.

The exhibition starts with an old fashion TV keep playing the video record of a music piece by John Cage--- 4’33” over and over again, which acts as the statement of Abnormal exhibition. Alongside, there is a plinth put with the exhibition PR, as the first work in the exhibition. Each PR has its own number underneath the front page, as it is taken away by the audience, the number decrease. It vividly presents that exhibition is no more just a place displays artwork, it flows, it moves, it is present.

Abnormal exhibition is an experiment to test the relationship between artist and curator. The context of “abnormal” seems like a proposal holding by the curator, but every single choice of this exhibition is made in order to protect the one to one conversation between the artwork and the audience. No more artwork introduction, no more theme context; curator is no more the intermediary between artwork and audience, artworks are no longer trapped under the exhibition context. It’s an exhibition which hands over the ownership fully back to the artwork itself. It’s an ongoing conversation between artist and curator.

Following the map, the audience should have spent time looking for the artwork across the campus. Facing the Abnormal exhibition, the only thing to do is to immerse yourself within the space and the artworks. Back to real life, the only way takes our understanding of abnormal things closer to truth might be holding back our prejudgment and spending time with it.

Special thanks to timetable officer Allison, Shan Jiang, Cheryl Guo, Donald Smith, David Dibosa, Lynton Talbot and library technician.