‘Translated window 1 & 2’



Helen Ji Hyoung Gong

Oil on canvas 100*123cm

(Block D ground floor, outside of DG06)


Helen Ji Hyoung Gong



I always struggle to say what is in my mind, but there is always an image pop up in my head. Since I was little, whenever I saw images, I would try to find the nice composition and place it together like a painting. When I was in high school, I met a Korean artist who taught me how to handle the brush and how to express myself through painting. So I used to have a strongly embedded hierarchy in my mind that painting is the top form of art.

I love to read the newspaper on the tube. One day, I saw a blurry CCTV image with caption. Covered the caption, you couldn’t really recognize what was in the image. So how the caption carried the ability to change the context of an image suddenly caught my eyes. I started to work on CCTV images. CCTV images always carry its emptiness and limitation, because most of the time CCTV images are out of figure and show only one angle of a space. I am into how can I use my brush to manipulate the context of an image. When space turns into 2D image, something is lost. I hope my work can show that indescribable loss.

Once I went to UCL for its degree show, I saw an architecture model which was made of silkworms. One little bro just dropped out of the model and started to build its own house. That was exactly me! I knew that I have to escape from the painting frame I built myself in. That was the beginning of my installation work.