‘Police 1&2’

Marton Nemes

Acrylic, Perspex, reflective vinyl on canvas  196*136cm

(Block A, AG17)


Marton Nemes



Art is about life. Honesty is the most important thing. It’s like a therapy session, you get to know yourself.

I am a very sensitive person. I went to my first party when I was 14, and I was scared, I scared about people and big space. I don’t know where to stand, who talk with. But now I am a DJ. For me, the party has two meaning. It combines pleasure and sadness. When you go to a party you just want to let your pain and worry outside, you just want to be happy. But when the party ends, you have to go back to reality. This experience just like when you standing in front of an artwork, it gets you high and down. So the moving air, the changing light and the sounds in the party is something I am looking for. I try to shape something doesn’t exist. It exists only inside us when we perceiving it. It’s more like a memory, an experience, a feeling. A party will end, but an object will always exist. When you create something, and the passion is inside of it. If I can create an object, somehow like the party in it. When people take a look they feel it, they catch the energy.

I always have the passion to create something. I have to do something to release the energy inside of me. I want to be an artist when I was 18 years old, but I didn’t be accepted by the art school, so I went to design school. And that was where I learn all the technical industrial approach and set up a way of working. Every time before I start to make artwork I will have a very precise plan about how it’s going to look like and the technology part. After three years, I went to the Hungarian University of Fine Arts which is a very conservative academy art school. I learn how to draw there, but I couldn’t get any contemporary staff. So I didn’t finish it. I keep questioning the contemporary situation of painting. Whether it is dead or not. Painting is flat with two dimensional. I want to push the stable state into the transformable state. I believe there is a grey area between art and design. Art doesn’t really have a function or in a worst case, it can be a very sad decoration. I want to create objects that can function as a painting.

p.s. Thank Marton for as the sponsor of the opening drink and DJ.